September 28th 2019

Showcasing empowering motivational speakers, highlighting personal development and a desire to live a life of freedom and personal power.

We host an annual Transformational event focusing on people’s desire to attain more in life. We showcase Empowering Motivational Speakers, Personal Development Coaches, The Healers Paradise and Mystic Vendors Market. Specific coaches for people’s wants, needs and desires. Healers from different sectors that are connected with spirit and a Mystic Vendors Market for tools to help people heal; Body, Mind and Spirit.


"Things Unseen"

As I sit and reflect on last year’s show, a smile comes to my face and my heart opens as I bring myself back to the feelings and energy we created on that special day October 20 2018.

When conjuring a theme for 2019, the phrase “things unseen” kept coming to mind. The feelings, the shifts and the energy that was created was magical. When one opens themselves up to receive, a transformation begins in side of us.

There will also be a new moon during the time of the show! A perfect time to manifest! Bring your journal and a pen to jot down special messages that come to you during the day.

The feedback from last year’s show was amazing and helpful. I had an Idea, I ran with it, with help from friends and WE made it happen! We had so much fun that doing it again was the next step.   

This year we will have 6 AMAZING speakers, additional breaks in-between speakers that are longer and break for an hour lunch. This way you have more time to speak with the coaches, have a treatment from one of the many healers on site and browse through the Mystic Market. Then we will wrap up the day with an EMPOWERING drum circle. If you have a drum or any other instruments PLEASE bring them! Shakers, rattles, rain sticks, cow bells, tambourines, chimes, triangles ( you get my drift?) We will allocate an area where you can leave them for the day as you enjoy the show.

Blessings and Love




Things Unseen



We showcase empowering motivational speakers, highlighting personal development and a desire to live a life of freedom and personal power.
Authentic and true to their calling, our line-up of speakers will get you excited to make a change! They will unlock something inside you, ignite that spark that slowly faded away, or perhaps gives you the bellow of fresh air giving you that one answer you were seeking to make a difference.

Well organized. The vendors and presenters were very inspiring-great atmosphere.




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