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January 27, 2019

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Dancing with Dragonflies

March 7, 2019

Dancing with Dragonflies


I dance to the rhythm, my soul casts a beat

I dance when my voice refuses to speak

I dance with the fairies on a warm September day

I dance around the moon and howl at the bay

I dance around the fire unleashing the wild spirit within

I dance in the water shaking my tail fin

I dance in line at the grocery store to the groovy tunes that flow

I dance with the dragonflies that put on a spectacular show

I dance with the wind spiraling and free

I dance to become a better ME



In 2016 the dragonflies danced with me overlooking the rice fields outside of Ubud Bali Indonesia 



I had a spectacular adventure flying to the other side of the world for a woman's dance retreat. We learned how to release through dance. Our mentor and instructor Elisha Trees was a kind, energetic and fun hostess leading us the way into dance.


This is me looking forward to getting on the Hello Kitty Airplane for our final stretch to Bali. I'm sexy and I know it. haha Check out those amazing socks!! SEXY! 



I love listening to all kinds of worldly music, and I love to dance! Years ago I felt restricted or found myself holding back. For example, while attending a buskerfest, I would come up to a fantastic musician playing drums on pots and pans that had the most amazing beat! I wanted to dance SO BADLY but I was too shy, I didn't want people watching me. I wanted to dance but I couldn't, I held back. Then I would walk away wishing I had the courage to JUST DANCE!


Seriously??? Why did I not have the courage to sway to the music, to let my mind escape into the rhythm? Perhaps I didn't want people to see me, see me for who I really was. I had a little brick wall up and I didnt let many in. Over the years I took the bricks down, one by one. Some required a mallet and came down in chunks. Other times it was like I used a chisel is was so slow moving. I didn't give up on myself, no matter how hard it got. Sometimes I tried rebuilding that dam wall!! Now I'm hip with technology so all is do is tap the left side of my chest and say, shields up and POOF it's there to protect me. Got to love technology! 


So basically I have learned to control my emotions, for the most part. I am pre menopausal so it can be challenging at times! Gawd, that is a whole other topic we can touch on another time.


By control my emotions what I learned with dancing is I can express myself through movement. Like a ballet tells a story, the movements in dance are broken down and if you watch the dancers movements you can see a story unfold. It can make you cry, or feel sexy or how about EMPOWERED and FREE!

Now I dance freely around drum circles, flying free singing and humming away, yes like a fairy :-)




My Journey began with  a 21 day dance challenge online, dancing for 5 min a day that led to me to hopping on a plane with my new best friend to the other side of the world. Let me elaborate, I had finished this dance challenge and I had won a little gift, Elisha mail it to me with a card for her retreat in Bali. I thought WOW that would be amazing to go to. And I said to myself...HA yah right, you can't afford that. I took the card and I kept it at my computer, I would look at it every day, then I would google places around Bali, flights, figuring out costs like I was actually going. I was curious. Next thing you know I'm sending Elisha a deposit securing my spot at the last min. I opted to share a room so I was connected with a great lady from Toronto.  I drove up to Ottawa to meet her when she was out visiting her sister,  we met up at a mall and connected immediately, a long lost friend was found. We ended up getting a connecting flight and traveled together. It was one of the best times of my life. I have grown very fond of turtles because of her!


Here are a few temples I visited while in Bali. I'll do another post on temples I have visited. I'm just getting started here and I have so much to write about!!!


 10th century Tirta Empul temple is where I waded through a dozen fountains seeking spiritual purification by praying and going under each fountain. This beautiful temple complex and holy mountain spring is also a national cultural heritage site. If you ask a local, they’ll tell you that it also serves as a legendary setting for the traditional tale of ‘Dharma’ (good) against ‘Adharma’ (evil). Historically, the 10th century Tirta Empul temple is silent witness to the old Balinese kingdom years, particularly the Warmadewa Dynasty. The main highlight here is its collection of freshwater pools, lined with over a dozen fountains where pilgrims wade through and seek spiritual purification by ritually praying and going under each fountain in succession. On the hills nearby is the presidential palace of Istana Tampaksiring Read more at: http://www.bali-indonesia.com/top10/5-must-see-temples-ubud.htm?cid=ch:OTH:001






We went into this amazing cave where my hands touched the ceiling and I felt the marking of who make the cave all those years ago. I sat where the buddhist would sit while in meditation feeling the refreshing coolness from the intense heat outside. Don’t let this temple’s name mislead you. Goa Gajah often translated as ‘Elephant Cave’, Goa Gajah doesn’t have any pachyderms roaming its grounds. This archaeological site is some six kilometres from the Ubud hub, and welcomes you to a relic-filled valley with its centrepiece bathing pool, temple complex and the ornately carved stone cave, which was formerly a meditation site for Buddhist and Shivaite priests. The 11th century site was excavated in 1954, and you can peek inside the shallow cave to find stone idols and indentations that serve as seats for meditating priests. Read more at: http://www.bali-indonesia.com/top10/5-must-see-temples-ubud.htm?cid=ch:OTH:001



Together with 7 other women, we learned to dance again. I recall the huge yoga studio platform with no walls or windows, overlooking the rice fields and the coconut trees standing tall surrounding the fields. I recall the warm breeze on my body cooling it off as the heat was intense. Squishing my toes in the mud while walking through the magnificent fields. the sweet scents of the flowers cascaded throughout the island. I was in heaven.

I was in love with EVERYTHING!

I danced with the dragonflies of Bali and that moment lives on with me every day, the song playing had me in a complete trans, I could feel my body dancing freely around the studio with the others, I came to a spot and took hold of the railing like a ballet dancer, I swayed back and forth and a dragonfly appeared, I greet the gigantic insect and smiled to then be greeted with 13 other dragonflies!

I danced with them I sang hello, I smiled, my heart exploded like when the grinch heard the who's in whoville singing because they didn't need the packages, boxes, bows and gifts. BAM like fireworks. LOVE

I have felt this before, it's an incredible feeling of feeling light and free everything is so clear, everything makes sense and all you can do is smile  


I took that love home with me, a dream trip on a paradise island, dancing with dragonflies. Everytime my jasmine blooms I think of Bali, it blooms often and I breath in the sweet scent full of love. 


So that's the story of me and my dragonflies and how I got to Bali.


I continue to dance and I continue to LOVE


Join me on facebook and dance for life!


Blessings and Love












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