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January 27, 2019

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January 27, 2019



This is huge, larger than the universe yet smaller than an atom. Being mindful is being aware of yourself and knowing there is much more out there than we know it. That gnawing in your gut, dejas vu and red flag moment. Your intuition telling you something, alerting you to 


of your actions.




I love to have fun, dancing, singing and knocking around on the djembes, I have a little studio where I sew all sorts of fun items. You can check out my Etsy page HERE  Years ago I was the medieval lady people now call me the dragonfly lady, ,  it seems I'm in another lifetime! I changed my story and I'm now living in a completely different dimension of my life. I'm human, I have a few tuff days here and there, I tell people to fuck off if they are really bugging me. ( rare occurrence ) I would use that term " FUCK OFF" in a joking way with friends to emphasize my point or hon in on emotion. That is the reality of who I AM. Like Grace and Frankie's new thing... "FUCK IT"



I can get down on myself, looking for validation, a pat on the back, someone to say. Hey Wanda, your doing a great job! ( being in business for yourself you don't hear this too often. When I do hear those words I am VERY GRATEFUL)  I enjoy getting that validation, however, I do not rely on it or "need" it. You see there is a difference. I do not expect nor demand it. Like when people say...you have to earn my respect....FAWK OFF ( you see, very appropriate there) Let's go with MUTUAL respect there sunshine.





Being Mindful is knowing yourself, knowing how you act in certain situations. Do you pull away when someone tries to get to close to you? Perhaps you have your safe boundaries and you know, in time you will let the person in. Once you gain someone's trust, your friendship begins. Sometimes we brush against a stranger and have an intense moment that only lasts a few seconds but ingrained in our heart for a lifetime. Perhaps your the type that causes chaos when someone tries to get close to you? Creating drama, running away putting the other person down or looking for perfection in someone else.


Because you don't really KNOW yourself.

The essence of who YOU are.
Who hurt you?
Why do you not trust people?

You sweet thing, you carry that anger/ fear into every relationship you have including yourself. It's time for you to let go and learn to love again. It's time for you to wake up and begin again. It's time for you to change the music. ( BELIEVE ME I know this one all to well!)



Being Mindful is not only knowing yourself, it's knowing or understanding others. People react to situations differently, so when it comes to learning how to be mindful, pay attention to people, look into their eyes, see their visions and hear their dreams. Love them for who they are right in that very moment! Some of us can feel each others pain, grief and sorrow. So much that it can affect our own well being, be aware if you are feeling drained around someone. If you notice conversation is steering to smack, despair and grief steer it in another direction. You are in control of you own life, or are you? ( excuse me? I am not asking you to STOP talking about hardships, it's important to sort these things out in a healthy positive manner with proper guidance and support with a positive action plan.) 



Being Mindful
is watching the stars, 
listening to the wind,
feeling the ocean spray.

Being mindful is knowing there is more out there than what we can see and feel. Believing in Source, understanding that we have the power to control our own destiny, the magic to heal and the ability to enter other dimensions. We are a star in the universe that is never ending, traveling over and over and over, In each life time improving upon and learning LIFE lessons to carry on again.





BE MINDFUL of your actions and direct your own movie called MY LIFE! 

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Blessings and LOVE
DragonFly With Me
Mindfulness Journey


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