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January 27, 2019

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Energy Healing in a Yurt

August 8, 2018


I had the experience to play my djembe in a Mongolian Yurt located just outside Alexandria Ontario, as my sister and I approached this wonderfully placed yurt in Glengarry County the sun began to set, pink, yellow and reds in the sky….my body shivered and I got goose bumps, pure tranquility. My friend Monica eagerly awaited at the door to great us, with a huge smile on her face.” WELCOME” As we climbed the rock steps, Monica’s arms wrapped around me with big warm hug and gently guided us to step in right foot first. My sister and I were in awe…..WOW…both of us looking around with big eyes, my heart was warm as I drew in three deep breaths taking in the beautiful energy of this circular structure. There was one wall that had windows from the floor to the ceiling so we could see the beautiful landscape of field and trees with the sunset.




The yurt dates back to Mongolia 3000 years ago and are made in the form of a circle. The interior walls are lined with felt for warmth. In the center at the peak in the ceiling there is a window made with mesh to let in natural light and air. During the winter months a wood stove is put in the center of the yurt and the stove pipe goes out the top. There is a flap to close this when poor weather is in the forecast. So simple yet exquisite at the same time.


What is the importance of a circle and what does it mean? A circle is universal, sacred and divine. It represents nature and the cycle of the seasons, the sun, moon and the planets. It is a sign of wholeness, infinity, the womb of a woman, perfection, completion and nurturing. A circle never ends and you cannot tell where it began or where it ends….it’s perfect, just like you. You are perfect just the way you are, you are whole and your life never ends. Your stories go on forever as you begin your life path of self-discovery and spirituality, you will share with others, you will teach from your experience guiding others to the light. Sharing your story with those that are ready to listen.




I will be offering Reiki sessions for the month of August in this beautiful space. The experience alone of receiving the healing loving energy of Reiki is special, now I have a super healing space to offer you a wonderful extraordinary experience! Healing and magic on a whole new level!

If you feel yourself drawn to this offer, please call and book your appointment today. I am available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evening after 6:30 and Saturdays and Sundays. 613-571-7829 or email me at dragonflywithme@outlook.com




With warmth and light, much Love Wanda~Dragonfly With Me


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