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January 27, 2019

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Spiritual Coach, Really?

May 18, 2017



What does being a coach extraordinaire means to me?


 Well I believe that each successful coach and leader out there draws from their own personal life experience. The greatest teachers of all time have all spoken from experience.


Dr.Wayne Dyer spoke from life experience then found himself abusing alcohol. He shared his struggles and his journey as he assessed different information, as he learned so did we, he broke down complicated subjects so his audience would understand through his writings and teachings.


Napoleon Hill’s fame started in the 1920’s and his work is carried on to this day. Bob Proctor speaks of these rules often, success from millions of people have been made from these concepts alone, tweaking to meet each individual teachers needs staying true to these concepts that they taught.


Tony Robbins another coach who speaks in volume. Learning concepts on his own through reading and studying and what works for him to help people. He teaches with passions and his life experience creating a unique way of coaching clients. He just gets it plain and simple.


Coaches, mentors and teachers offering advice and personal stories on HOW they got to be where they are, sharing their personal growth as they are going through it. That’s what makes the great stories! REAL, RAW feelings and expressed emotions.


When I first started out in business, I had an idea. Then I looked for guidance. I took some group classes, I went on a retreat to Bali Indonesia, I found teachers that resonated with my wants and needs. I also looked for information on the internet, taking tons of on-line courses, joining groups asking others for advice. I wanted to hear real stories of how they got to be who they are. 


Then I tried  to mimic or use others “quick ways there” realizing it doesn’t quite work, "I need to seek more guidance because I do not understand this particular part "…once I found the answers, again, I took what I needed and used it as it best fit me. Do you see a pattern here? People that want to make it happen will over time by continuing to grow and learn. YOU are the one that has to be ready for this transformation, you are the one that has the work set out in front of you. Your teacher or mentor has done the work, now they are learning to teach you. Continuously tweaking their program to reach out and find the ones that are ready to learn.


Clear as mud right? Haha


I will share with you my life experience as I climb my own mountain, sharing with you some of my secrets and how I’m getting through my life. How I build myself up, how I’m gaining my confidence, my brand (which is myself) my inner most secrets on how it made me feel and how I rose to the top coming through it stronger than ever, which each obstacle as I go through my life. How I celebrate and how I start again.


You see?


I never stop growing and learning. This is why your elders are so important, because we learn through their stories, their ups and downs, how they did it, how they felt. We are an elder to so many people and the great thing about it is THERE IS NO AGE LIMIT you can start as early as you want or late in life, it’s never ending! Even when your body is decaying in the ground or on the shelf in a fancy vase (I want cremation) you are a legend, your stories, your successes and failures live on in the memories of your friends, family young and old for generation to come, centuries time is ENDLESS!!!!!


And so is your story, so what is it going to be?


Join me as you begin a new adventure, I will be your light that shines so you may find the answers, I will be a stand for you. I will not accept your perception that you're not good enough, that you can't, that you're not strong enough. I will call you ego's bluff. I will help you push through the resistance so you, too, can transform and become FREE TO BE YOU

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