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January 27, 2019

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Learning to Walk Bare Feet Again

March 24, 2017



It's no secret that I have been working hard on self discovery, spiritual enlightenment and business venture. What I have learned is becoming aware of my spirituality is like learning how to walk around bare feet on gravel sometimes stepping on hard sharp rocks! Let me explain...


Think of your soft feet that have been covered with shoes all winter, putting cream on them so they do not chap and dry out...all soft and new skin that have been protected from the elements, wearing soft fuzzy socks and slippers to stay warm during our cold winters. ( Hey! I live in Canada...we wear flannel) Now, come the warmer months we hang up our winter boots and cozy fuzzies for lighter clothing and flip flops and saddles. There is an adjustment period because our feet are not used to it. Our feet get burned by the sun, cold when the temperature drops, then sweaty and dirty on those hot humid days. Then, there is that magical moment when we plant our feet on the grass to feel the energy of the earth...oh it feels so refreshing and good! It gets you excited about the warm months that are approaching and everything you want to accomplish as you gaze over to your flower bed and dream of the scents and calmness from therapeutic gardening. 


That's just like spirituality, when we first begin to learn it's fresh new and exciting! We are eager students, ready to take on the world with our new insight. We are happy to share with everyone how we are feeling, what we are accomplishing. "Check out this energy ball! Do you find it cool?" While your friend looks an you all confused, asking you what kind of meds you are on and they want you to share. We want to shout out to the world "HEY! LOOK AT ME" then all of a sudden...at the edge of the grass is a long lane way covered in crushed stone....in order to reach the house you have to walk this path....you begin to walk thinking it's not to bad, then the walking becomes more uncomfortable..."ouch...ouch...damn it that's sensitive!"...you continue to walk, then a little run to see if it eases the pain....then comes the real doozie...you hit a sharp one and you STOP dead in your tracks. You are bleeding and its oozing...you cry, your curse...calling yourself names...."my god you're stupid to think you could walk on this....what were you thinking? You should have put on your shoes"....then you collect yourself....wipe away the tears....put on your big girl pants and continue to walk....it hurts...YES...it's uncomfortable, yet your continue the journey. Because you know that on the counter is a fresh fruit smoothie waiting to be consumed. You know that when you get into the house you have another pair of flip flops to walk back on...or perhaps you will decide to walk on the rocks again? The choice is yours! I know I myself would prefer to walk on a path of softly covered moss or fresh flowers, still in the softness there are some twigs and tiny stones! On our path to self realization, self development and spirituality you will need to walk this rocky road to get your fresh fruit smoothie.



You see, spiritual enlightenment does not come easy, you have to do the work! You need to look deep with in yourself, learn about who you are, your feelings, your pains, frustrations, learn what is holding back from living how you want to live. Why do I feel this way around certain types of people? Why do I get myself in certain predicaments? How do


I grow as a person? How can I do better? Are there other people out there that feel the same way I do? How do they handle it? The deeper we get, the more we learn. The more we learn about our own lessons and feelings the easier it gets. You apply your life learning and aha moments with every aspect of your life. The key is you need to believe and trust the process. This is where unconditional love for yourself comes in pretty handy! We create with Love, we are love. 


Love and light~Wanda


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