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January 27, 2019

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Share Your Art With the World

October 11, 2016


Today, I sit at my desk again playing around with my website. I edit, save, re edit, save....story of my whole experience attempting to make a website for a first time. Just learning how to navigate has been hair pulling at times haha It's not that it is difficult, it's a learning curve and to make it look professional so people take me seriously! So to my Archangel Gabriel Oracle card deck I go...."Share your art with the world, meaning I'm keeping a project under wraps because of perfectionism and criticism. ( that's basically what Rick (my partner) said to me this morning! Your trying to hard honey.) Attempting to create something everyone likes is a fruital goal, especially if it prevents you from sharing your art with the world in the first place! Something I have battled with my whole life, it really takes everything I have to hit publish or submit. I close my eyes, press the button take a deep breath and hope for the best. Just like my you tube videos and posts that share my deepest darkest thoughts. And you know what? There is always, ALWAYS someone who enjoys it and really takes something from the post. So thank you followers for encouraging me, to be me!



Still, I sit and look at this website wondering how to create a good landing page. I think I have a bald spot in my head from scratching from thinking to much. Is it centered? Does it flow right? Does it reflect who I am and how I want to help people? I know what I do is awesome, I know I love having clients come to me asking for guidance. I know what I am good at and where my weak point are. I absolutely love reiki and what it can do for people. I am passionate about what I do so perhaps just letting it come naturally and wondering if I'm doing it right, should just leave my head space. Ill do it right for me. And I can tweak/ add as I learn :-) 


It is time.....let's fly together! Dragonfly with me :-)

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