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January 27, 2019

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Djembe Covers

January 26, 2019


I started making Djembe covers because my drums needed some, a gal needs to protect her skin! I posted the finished pieces on social media and fans went wild! I have a few in the studio for quick shipping or I can customize one for you. they range from XS to XL 5" to 20" I can also make custom fitting with proper dimensions and photos of the drum. Send me a message if you have questions or would like to place an order. Any order over 10 units I'll give you a deal.


I love wild and vibrant fabrics so I use Batik for the tops, I can also use upcycled denim and make it all patchy, you can then add patches to it from your travels :-) One the sides that drop down around the curves on your top I have a padded siding ( top is padded too) I do I wild and crazy stitch pattern all swirls and twirls. There is then a casing that has elastic or drawstring. Your choice. The inside is upcycled sweaters. I try to use polar fleece sweaters, depends what I have in my recycled stock. So not oly do you have a really cool Djembe cover it's ECO-Friendly too!



Here's some pictures of my friends and I drumming around Glengarry.



Monica and I playing around in a yurt drumming and singing. 



This is in Martintown, there was a community fundraiser and I set up a booth to promote myself, I brought some drums with me and these kids came along to play, we had so many giggles. Especially with the coconut thumb piano! The local paper was there and interviewed us.



I started up this travelling djembe jam. I was missing playing and wanted to play with others so I started the djembe jam. It started at the park in Alexandria, then Marlene wanted to host at her house in Glen Walter, it's along the St.Lawrence river, it was so beautiful drumming along the water!! I have more photos of this on my google photos if you want to see more.




This is at the park in Alexandria, again along the water. Do you see a theme? I LOVE water. We have some ladies from Cornwall, Glen Walter, Lancaster and Ron from the Ottawa area. I always have a blast playing with Ron. He hosts drum circles at Healing Wishes in Cornwall. The lady in the purple shirt holding up her peace sign. Thats Monica, she is the lady that brought out my drummer gal! I seriously need to get my ass to drum camp, I'll have to work on conjuring spells. I have a pile of things I want to do!



The is at the beach in Alexandria, I'm taking some promo photos. I take all my pictures on my cracked moto. My phone took a face plant onto the ceramic floor. The one day I had time to go get it fixed, I forgot my phone at home. So I continue to use my phone, its funny...anytime I do a selfie with a friend they say "your phone is cracked" I say oh wow...really? next time I'll reply with ...your cracked!! So yah, nice pictures with my cracked phone! 



This one is with my sisters phone. That's right, Heather was there in the yurt to! Her first Djembe experience. She fell in love and is now a proud owner of her very own djembe! I got hooked the first time I played too! I went and searched for my first drum. I got it at Melody Music in Cornwall and I have been smacking that baby ever since! I have since then purchased two more, How can one go to Indonesia and not bring home drums!! Yip carried two home with me and a suitcase full of textiles! I was so afraid at the airport when they said I had to part with it. I trusted them the lady at the luggae counter assured me they would take good care of it. I remember waiting at the airport in Vancouver waiting for my luggage, then I went to find the fragile area and to my horror bumpity bumpity bumpity down these stupid rollers clunk clunk clunk. I finally grasped her in my arms and ran for cover, to open and inspect the beautifully carved wood.

Thank goodness she was alright.



Here's Monica at our hang out summer of 2016, thank you Groovy Yurts! We had a beautiful drum circle with 12 people, it was getting dark because we we into fall, the days are shorter. I was afraid everyone would be upset they couldn't see yet, no one cared, they just kept drumming away to an unfamiliar beat creating music together in a magical circle of friends and neighbours.




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