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Universal Life Flow

For all of today I will trust

For all of today I will love

For all of today I will be true to myself and others

For all of today I will give thanks for my many blessings

For all of today I will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing

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Join us for a reiki share circle, the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.

Normally described as a gathering of Reiki practitioners who congregate for a combination social/healing session. We all have access to reiki energy, we all have the ability to heal ourselves. Even if you are not attuned to reiki we encourage you to join us for a reiki share as you will learn and feel what it is all about hands on.

The primary purpose of having a share is for practitioners to participate in giving and receiving Reiki within an atmosphere of friendship and love. Participating in a share is also a beneficial way of honoring one another as healers.

A Reiki share consists of many healing hands on one person at a time. One person lays on a table while the participating practitioners gather around that person, laying their hands upon him/her and facilitating a massive flow of Reiki energies. Group energies are often very strong and can be more penetrating than individual sessions. This type of Reiki treatment is a wonderful and often profound experience!



We have three Levels of Reiki One Two and Master each class builds onto the next and we review so everyone is learning and understanding. Classes are limited to three students.



Guided Six Week Journey

Students learn Reiki over the course of six weeks. Together you learn the concepts of Reiki, talk about your experiences and learn from each other as you experience a shift in your energetic body.

Students will finish this program with a new outlook on life, more energy and a newfound passion where they want to learn more! I have seen people transform from illness into stronger healthier beings!

If you are exploring new options in life, a different outlook, getting in touch with your spiritual side, Feeling off balance, you know that there is more to life than "just this" You want to feel better! Then this class is for you.

Reiki is a universal energy that has been used successfully all over the world to heal emotional, physical and energetic imbalances. In Level I of you will learn about the history of Reiki as a healing modality and tool for enlightenment. You will explore how Reiki works and begin practicing using this amazing energy with yourself, family and friends. This course can be used as a way to enhance personal growth and/or work on any imbalances within yourself or those around you.

Class includes printed materials

Class begins Wednesday October 16 7pm to 9pm for 6 weeks

Investment $349.99
$50.00 deposit to secure your spot paid in full by October 1st SAVE 50$

Contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss the class further.



Guided four week Journey

Must have Reiki Level One to sign up

For four weeks students will become attuned to reiki level two energy harnessing more Reiki energy and ability to conduct distance healing.

We will review level one, and then begin on your new journey being attuned to Reiki Level two symbols. Learn the symbols and how to use them, in class practice, hands on healing with classmates.

Time for each student to share as classes are limited to six students.

Class includes printed materials

Class begins November 27th, 2019 7pm to 9pm for 4 weeks

Investment $299.99
$50.00 deposit to secure your spot paid in full by November 1st SAVE 50$

Contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss the class further.

Energizing my new healing room! #lightwo


Guided Journey

Detail coming SOON!