Red polyresin Buddha figurines. SYMBOL: It is said that the Laughing Buddha travels around spreading joy and happiness wherever he goes. Hotei brings wisdom, abundance, and fulfillment. Each unique Buddha is carrying with him one of the good fortune symbols.


The Laughing Buddha Symbols Meaning

The Laughing Buddha can be shown with different symbols.

He often is shown with beads hanging from his neck. These beads are often referred to as the “pearls of wisdom”. Many like to keep the Laughing Buddha with the beads close by the place they normally meditate


There are different opinions about what the bag he carries represent. Some believe it symbolizes all the riches the believer will receive.

Yet others believe the Laughing Buddha takes your worries from you and stuffs them in the bag making sure you stay happy and carefree.


For Wealth and Prosperity

If this is your goal you should purchase a Laughing Buddha statue with gold nuggets. Some statues include a pot of gold, others a bag filled with gold nuggets.

Also a laughing Buddha with a wealth ball would be a good choice. The wealth ball is meant to attract prosperity.


For General Good Luck and Abundance of all Kinds

For good luck in all matters including good fortune and great abundance it would be wise to choose a Laughing Buddha statue where he is holding a bowl.

The bowl symbolizes receiving good fortune. The owner of this statue shows that he or she is open and ready to receive all good things.







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