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Handmade 100% Cotton Face Cover with filter pocket, adjustable elastic

Be sure to adjust the elastic to fit you properly. Then tuck the knots in the side loops.


To Wash:



Wash by hand and lay flay to dry, or remove nose piece and wash in machine, lay flay to dry


Please note: There is a small opening so you can remove the nose wire when you wash or should you need another wire from wear. 


*Disclaimer: These masks are not N95 masks. These masks are handmade from cloth and are not FDA approved for medical settings or to be used to diagnose or prevent any illness. These masks are primarily for the wearer to keep their germs somewhat to themselves and to prevent touching the mouth or nose while wearing.

Adult Face Mask 100% Cotton with Filter Pocket

  • Finished product

    3.5" X 9"

    Hand Wash, Lay Flat to dry