Samhain with the Fae Folk

Where did the weekend go?

Where did the week go?

Three weeks have past and I have yet to do my laundry. For some reason that phrase sounds familiar? I find myself hand washing items and hanging them to dry, like masks. Moan groan, yah I know. Today I walked most of the way home from the post office with my mask still on,(It was nice and toasty warm under my mask!) I took it off and placed it in my bag, I then felt a COLD wind on my face! Brrrr. The air is cold, soon it will snow. I think scarf masks will come into creation.

So’ here we are amid a global pandemic, and it is disturbing our usual way of living. How we conduct business, the way we shop, how we interact with people.

For me, I sit here typing this eating the “rockets” I acquired from the neighborhood kids. Savoring each piece as it melts in my mouth, bringing back childhood memories. My favorite Halloween candy as a child were the molasses ones, wrapped in the orange and black wrapping. I grew up in the country, Mother would take us around the neighborhood in the car because the houses were far apart. Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents. We would get hand made popcorn balls, candy and Candy Apples! I believe there was a secret competition as to who’s popcorn balls received the most “MMmm’s.

I have been keeping pretty quiet, doing my daily business and taking it easy to be quite frank. I have been reading, playing guitar, singing and yes dancing. Now please know, I am by no means professional in any of these areas. I just like to let loose and have fun in my little bubble. And I really needed to get back to heart center. So, I took a break from many duties and focused on myself and with that, many stories to share. Yah, you have heard that before, I know Madame procrastinator. Hey, I'm a Sag. For now, here is the first story.

The most recent story in the land of the Fae was the

#1 Virtual Samhainhalloween psychic&Craft Fair Fundraiser.

I had met this wonderful lady at a craft fair a few years ago, not your usual craft fair, one of a witch :-) Our paths had then crossed again at a Pagan festival in Northern Ontario where we were both vendors. I had attended another craft fair with the same community at the Bronson center in Ottawa. We follow each other on social media, I just love her craft of creatively twisted wires and beaded celtic trees, dragonflies and her popular crowns! She loves my Fae Folk. Iskra had asked me if I was interested in the online fair. At first I wasn't too keen on it, I was just being lazy.

I had tried an online event and I found it was ok, not the same interacting with people face to face. Is this what sales have come to? Talking online all the time? This is my chance this is what I have been practicing for, so why am I not actively doing it? Stuck in a tralalalala moment of time.

The Fae's were calling, they wanted to play and Iskra was waking them up! I needed to consult with my higher council, are we going to give this on line event stuff another try? This is an opportunity to try again.

I just recently recalled the phrase

“Stop working in your business and work at your business”

I have been in production mode...go go go.... I needed to take more time to work at my business.

I had been playing around with my fairy cards since my journey in the woods this fall, my fairy energy was tingling and wanted to play so, I sent the message.

"I'm IN"

Then, from my lips escaped the words, if you need any help, let me know.

Next thing I know I'm wrapped up in meetings and phone calls and I’m interviewing 5 special guests, learning a new video program and meeting new people, trying to learn about who I was interviewing.

I interviewed the following:

CLICK HERE for the interviews

Tara Heft-Mystara-Ottawa Based Band

Matt Denison-Crystal Vision readings

Iskra Rekrut-Artisan & Psychic

Lorayne Katz-Psychic Reader

Cara Adams-Cara Radiance by Nature

Click on the link for their Info!

I also had a bit of spotlight at the studio as a special guest Interviewed By

Angelic Empowerment with Lillian Carriere

This is Dragonfly With Me in the Spotlight!


The show started Live in a facebook group on Thursday 29 and wrapped up November 1st, the fundraiser was for Marshals Dog rescue

We celebrated Samhain/ Halloween and The Day of the Dead

  • There was a market place set up for vendors to place ads

  • Rooms for people to do readings and healing sessions

  • Live video broadcasting at set times

  • Ceremonies, rituals, teachings

  • An Auction

  • Costume contest

  • Live music

  • Indigenous Storytelling

I said yes to a new opportunity, I had fun, I met some incredible people. I worked with an incredible team!

By giving, I have found a renewed passion, a pep in my step and refreshed ideas!

A New Year, A fresh perspective

The strength and determination of another inspired me. A strong, independent woman ensuring that she continues to carry on her legacy combining nature spirituality, animals and crafts. (I think it's brilliant! ) This has caused the ripple effect and many have emerged in new ways, new growth, new potential, in a new year, a new era

May you continue to grow by


May you continue to grow by


May you continue to grow by


May you continue to grow by


May you continue to grow by


May you continue to grow by


May you continue to grow by



Blessing and Love

The Dragonfly Lady



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