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Yes I love to attend and host Drum Circles! Drumming is a wonderful way to connect with other people and yourself! Magickal things happen in drum circles!! Join one and find out for yourself!

My love for playing the djembe and Mother Earth has guided me to take my recycling and sewing to the next step. Here in the studio we up cycle denim! Being in Rural Ontario I have access to old jeans that I can save from the landfill or perhaps the overflow of the local thrift stores. We have become a buy and toss society. According to the recycling Council of Ontario, the average Canadian throws out 37KG of textiles annually, clothing production has double worldwide between 2000-2014!

 I wanted to do something about it. Combining my sewing ( I have been sewing and making up my own patterns since I was 8 years old!!) creative vision and love for Mother Earth I created a product line that uses up cycled denim fabric, from Djembe Bags and Skin Covers to Purses, Patches and Tarot Card Bags. I also up cycled sweaters for linings, bed sheets and blankets. Should you like to donate to the cause, please feel free to send me a message. All donated products will need to be washed and free of smoke and animal hair, soiled cloth with stains will also not be accepted. ( the odd stain here and there is ok, remember we are making these into new products!) 

I have a metaphysical gift shop at the studio,

that is open a few days of the week.

 I carry semi- precious stones, pendulums, singing bowls, salt lamps,

hand made items from the studio, 

drum gear, patches, bags of all sorts. 

With the increased demand with sewing, I have moved the space around to accommodate. 

 With Covid-19 We have a maximum number of 3 customers in at a time.

I look forward to being of service to you!

Blessings and Love
Wanda-The DragonFLY Lady




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